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T-shirt bags
Garbage bags
The material used to produce the HDPE and LDPE, masterbatch, biodegradable additive. Bags can be white or colored, with a thickness of...
They are used for disposal of waste especially in household, industrial, medical, waste plant and
animal origin ...
The materials the bags are made are HDPE and LDPE and if necessary, masterbatch, biodegradable additive  can be added...
Boutique bags
Degradation of different products made of plastic lasts from 100 to 1000 years. When burning 4 plastic bags ,used as oxygen as necessary to man for 1 day, which indicates the risk of destruction and burning plastic.
In addition to preserving the environment, plastic recycling process creates huge savings. Its recycling obtain new plastic products: bags, foils, bottles, jackets for skiing etc.
Accordingly, we obtain all the necessary machinery and equipment for recycling of semi-finished and finished products culled in the production process so that we can say that our factory practically works without waste, which is a remarkable contribution to ecology at the local level.
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