T-shirt bags
Garbage bags
The material used to produce the HDPE and LDPE, masterbatch, biodegradable additive. Bags can be white or colored, with a thickness of...
They are used for disposal of waste especially in household, industrial, medical, waste plant and
animal origin ...
The materials the bags are made are HDPE and LDPE and if necessary, masterbatch, biodegradable additive  can be added...
Boutique bags
Elbert Hubbard
"We work to become, not to acquire."
The company "Best grafik" was established on March 1, 2002. From that time until today, the company was first named "Kiparis" sztr, and then goes into "Best graphics" sztr to 12 November 2012 it became "Best graphics" doo. The Company had an upward growth bearing in mind:
• rounded range of products
• technological knowledge
• modern equipment and infrastructure
• Business results

The company now has 15 employees, educational attainment of dip.ecc. to kv, achieves anticipated business plans and thus increases from year to year.

Chronology of growth

• Since the beginning of 2002, the company dealt extrusion LDPE film (low density polyethylene). Initial production - bags for packaging in food industry, promotional bags and bags of frozen fruit.
• In 2003, increase of variety of other types of bags: shirt bags, boutique bags, freezer bags and more.
• In 2004, the continued expansion of the assortment and the beginning of flexo printing up to 6 colors.
• In 2004, we enter into a business arrangement with "Simpo" from Vranje, for them to produce a film of them take the furniture. We open three furniture showroom.
• 2006, the purchase of a new machine for ready-made which contributed to higher productivity.
• 2009, mainly capacity expansion and increased range.
• 2011, joining the new technology. Due to the increased workload buy extruder that can respond to market demands and the quality of the film, highly translucent, High-endurance, controlled thickness and quantity of the film.
• in 2013, and this year is the year of investment, buying a plant for recycling.
• 2015, the transition to a new and larger office building, with a large production plant and larger storage space.

In these periods the company has continuously invested in infrastructure, expansion and renovation of the circle, OSH and fire protection equipment, computer equipment, improving working conditions and others.
The development of technology is constantly present, follow new trends in the world. The result of continuous improvement and production technology is degradibilnih films. Great emphasis is placed on the preservation and protection of the environment, and in the production of the film using a particular supplement that gives biodegradability.
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